Ringing menu

Button Command Shortcut Description
Start F9 Start the bells ringing rounds
Auto Start F10 Put Abel into Auto-start mode, where it will fit in around a learner after the learner has set the pace.
Go G or F11 Start ringing the specified method.
Rounds Esc (if ringing changes) Force the bells back into rounds.
Back to Start F12 Go back to the row you started from, if you selected a start row other than rounds.
Stand Esc (if ringing rounds) At the next handstroke, give the command to stand. The bells stand one whole pull later.

Calls Bob, Single, Call X, Call Y, Plain lead Bob:
A or F5

; or F6

X or F7

Y or ctrl+F7

P or F8
Tell Abel to issue one of these calls at the next calling position. These are toggles; if you press the Bob key, press it again before the call is made to cancel it.

In a call chance composition, the Bob key forces a call at the next handstroke, and the plain key forces no call at the next handstroke.
Stop at Rounds . (dot) Toggle whether Abel stops when rounds come up or not.
  Stand at Rounds   Toggle whether Abel stands automatically when a touch comes round.
Pause W or F3 Temporarily stop the bells ringing. Press Pause once more to start the bells ringing again.
Silence Q or F2 Stop the bells sounding and prompts; they continue to ring, but silently.
Reset Connections F4 If you are using external connections, reset all inputs to a known state; also clears any rows recorded for the striking review.
Show Blue Line   Display all the changes for the current method or touch in the blue line area of the screen.
Review Striking S Show the Review Striking screen that tells you how well you rang.
Reset Striking Records Ctrl+R The next time all bells are at handstroke, reset the striking statistics, clearing all the striking records.
  User Bell Sound Delay Ctrl+D This applies only when you have moving bells pictures selected: see Screen and Print Options for full details.


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