Mabel Release Notice / Change History

Mabel 1.0 was released in May/June 2009. There has been one update, version 1.0.2. Users of Mabel 1.0 can upgrade to v1.0.2 only if their Mac runs MAC OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion) or a later version of OS X.

Changes in Version 1.0.2

Mobel Release Notice / Change History

Mobel 1.0.0 was released in Apple's App Store on 26 October 2010. For an outline of Mobel's facilities, click here.

Mobel 1.1.0 was released on 1 December 2010. The only significant change was the additional option to get a score out of 10 for the user's striking.

Mobel 1.2.0 was released on 29 October 2013. It provided iPhone 5 and iOS 7 compatibility, and a number of small improvements and bug fixes.

Mobel 1.3.0 was released on 18 October 2014. It provided iOS 8 compatibility, and updated the microSIRIL libraries.

Mobel 2.0 was released 14 November 2016. It provided the ability to add compositions.

Mobel 2.1 was released 21 November 2016. It showed place bells in blue line listings.

Abel Release Notice / Change History

Many enhancements and some minor bug fixes have been made to Abel since its first release on Windows on 3 December 1999. The various changes are described below

Option files and method collections created with any version of Abel are not necessarily compatible with previous versions, so if you go back to a saved version of Abel and use option files created with the newer program, you might get an "Invalid option file" message. If this happens, Abel will use its built-in defaults.

Changes in Version 3.9.1

The 'g' key now does Start if the bells are not ringing, and Bob if a method is ringing, as well as the traditional Go if the bells are in rounds.

If you set Options>ExternalBells>SensorDelays>ApplyDelaysInSoftware, and are using data connections (via an MBI), Abel no longer sends the delays to the MBI.

Removed the black title bars under bells in a circle.

Changes in Version 3.9.0b

A bug fixed: The CAS striking analyser expects upper case letters for bells 11, 12 etc, but Abel was using lower case. Corrected it.

Changes in Version 3.9.0a

A bug fixed: in Abel 3.9, if you increased the number of bells by at least two, then rang a bell yourself before clicking Start, you got a strange message.
Also, added one more item to the Learning Exercises method collection, and added a Help page for the Learning Exercises.

Changes in Version 3.9

Changes in Version 3.8.0a

Some users felt the strike point of the Moving Ringers' bells was too late. This update corrects it, and also allows you to set the strike point yourself, via Abel's Options/Screen&Print.

Changes in Version 3.8

Note that if you're updating from a version before 3.4.0 and want to use the call change composition facility, you must download the call change prompts as well as the latest Abel update. You will also need the extended voice prompts if you want to ring call change compositions on more than 12 bells.

Changes in Version 3.7.0c

Changes in Version 3.7

Changes in Version 3.6

Changes in Version 3.5.3b

Changes in Version 3.5.3

Changes in Version 3.5.2

Changes in Version 3.5.1

Changes in Version 3.5.0

Changes in Version 3.4

Changes in Version 3.3.1

Changes in Version 3.3.0

Changes in Version 3.2.1

Changes in Version 3.1.0