Contact Details

You can contact the authors of Abel by sending email to or via the Abel website at

Alternatively you can contact us at:

Chris Hughes
Phone (UK) 01270 812038
(International) +44 1270 812038

Please note that we are bellringers, not a business, with lives apart from Abel: sometimes we're not at home - sometimes we're even out ringing.

David Bagley's Multi-Bell Interface

Abel supports connection to external bells using David Bagley's Multi-Bell Interface, as well as through direct connection of sensors to serial port control signals. For further details of the Interface, contact:

David Bagley

Belfree Wireless Ringing System

Abel supports connection to external bells using Belfree. For further details, see the website at

MicroSIRIL libraries

Updated copies of the microSIRIL method libraries are available on the Internet at